Week 1 My Journey to Me.

This is a journey that I have needed for a very long long time.  Confronting myself head on and asking myself, WHAT DO I WANT? Big scary question!

I have lived on this earth for 53 years now and the sad thing is I don’t really know exactly what it is I do want. Sure, I want the normal things like money and time but to dig down  and find the unique thing that I want is not so easy.

Starting the Master Key process is a new way of looking at the small things in my life and determining that most of my thinking or lack of thinking is the reason my life is a mess. I have gone day to day without really thinking about the WHY’s of how I act or react to each thing that comes across my path. From reading and re-reading The Greatest Salesman I had a great deal of resistance in admitting that I was a slave to my habits. My first reaction was… I am not a slave to anything, OH RIGHT! Ok so now I can admit I am a slave to habits and that the habits are not good ones.  I can realize that I can swap those bad habits for good ones. HAPPY DANCE!  With the Master Keys I need to focus on changing the bad for GOOD. The daily readings three times a day feel like a good stability thing for me. I have had to force myself to read aloud, really felt strange at first but each time this too improves now I just need to really work on the emotion. I have always felt I am the type of person that has no level of excitement, some part of me was missing. My standard saying was… I have never gotten excited about anything in my life. Hoping that with the Master Keys and work that I can change this.

The sitting part of the exercises come pretty easy for me, I enjoy the quiet time that this allows. Letting my mind wander is a up and down thing. Sometimes my mind will wander to peaceful places I either remember or places I would like to go. Other times it just kinda sits there blank. Hmmmm.

All in all I feel that I am starting on a great journey and each day I will get better. Better control of the things I think in my mind, how I allow myself to react to those thing. This gives me a wonderful feeling of hope.

New Day                                         DSCF4026


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